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Stack N Viz


Stack N Viz is the application software that reconstructs the sliced images systematically obtained by an FIB for 3D imaging. The principle of this process is well known and can be illustrated in a very simple manner however, in order to subsequently acquire a decent 3D structure image, correction functions are usually necessary. Having analyzed many reconstructed images in its algorithm at the beginning of this software development, we have defined the essential functions for reconstruction with grate accuracy. Stack N Viz has the powerful features that are inherited from TEMography(*1) with a well balanced ease of use operation. It provides an ideal solution for 3D reconstruction with the images collected by CLM, LM and even TEM as well.

(*1) Our product, application for 3D reconstruction basesd on CT method in TEM.


Two high-performance software

"Stacker" for arrangement, correction and reconstruction

"Visualizer-kai" for analysis and visualization

Correctional functions

  • Trapezoid effect correction
    The magnification of an image may be different from a previously acquired image due to a change in working distance. "Stacker" has a function to correct the magnification using the LINGRAM method.
  • Leaning effect correction
    In case of error in the alignment result(especially leaning), the LINGRAM method corrects it effectively.
  • Parallax correction
    Due to an incident beam angle to the specimen, images acquired by an FIB usually show the parallax. "Stacker" has a function to correct the parallax automatically.
  • Brightness correction
    After stacking, the brightness of each image will be adjusted automatically to balance it through the whole stacked images.
  • 3D visualization functions

    Visualizer-kai is the subsequent application software for viewing a volume(3D data) that provides the following advanced features.

  • Intuitive and well refined interface
  • Three types of rendering methods "Volume Rendering", "Multi Slice" and "Iso Surface"
  • Enables setting of individual volume size, scale, offset & rotation angle parameters
  • Optimizes a volume with filters using 3D kernels
  • Measures length & angle in a 3D image and outputs the results to a file
  • Volume Segmentation function enables exporting the complex volumes
  • Generates polygon data and outputs as CAD data(.dxf) or 3D PDF formats
  • Has a function to create and edit a movie that can record the history of all operations
  • New Function -For 3D EBSD-

  • Stacker

  • Visualizer-Kai
  • R Volume

    G Volume

    B Volume

    RGB Volume



    Input image format BITMAP, TIFF, JPEG
    Output format BIN, BITMAP, TIFF, AVI, MRC
    Positioning method Cross Correlation(using various kinds of filters at the same time), Line Alignment, Manual Alignment, Alignment accuracy evaluation functions, Rotation Alignment
    Other supporting functions Acquiring information confirmation, Magnification display, Scale bar display, Screen capturing, Slide show


    Graphic card It is essential to support Open GL 2.0 or higher(Quadro FX series of NVIDIA is recommended)
    Main memory 2 GB RAM or more is recommended
    Color monitor A monitor with resolution of 1280 x 1024 or more is recommended
    Reading format BIN(output files of the Stacker), REC and MRC

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    PDF StackNViz.pdf

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